About McNeese Distributing

We bring our friends’ wines to our friends in Florida. 

Our company principals, Demetria and Richard McNeese, created McNeese Distributing with the initial goal of bringing together their California friends who make very special wines with their Florida friends who love and appreciate wine. As our business expands we will introduce exceptional wines from other states and countries to our friends as well.

McNeese Distributing wines are hand-picked by us, and often are varietals made in smaller batches with the hands-on touch of some of California’s most celebrated vintners. We frequently visit the California wine country to taste and select wines we believe our Florida friends will enjoy. It is our privilege to be able to introduce you to some wines that you’ll not find elsewhere, fine wines that might be overlooked or not offered to other distributors. Our specialty is wines typically available only at the winery or in extremely limited distributions. 

We do not sell to the public, so ask for McNeese Distributing wines at your favorite restaurant or retailer. Please be sure to thank them for carrying our friends’ wines.

Are you considering us as a distributor?
Please call 850.974.4241 or send us an email.