McNeese Distributing

McNeese Distributing is unique among wine distributors in that its business concept is based on friendship and community. The wines we select are all made by friends and acquaintances, selected by us based on exceptional quality and value; boutique wines often with a special meaning to the vintners.  

We introduce our vintner friends to our friends throughout Florida, with delicious and intriguing wines creating the connection. Congeniality, hospitality and good times drive our business.

Founded in 2013, McNeese Distributing is a small wine distributor located in Floridas Panhandle. We have been wine lovers for many years, which drove our decision to bring some of the highly allocated, limited production wines to our favorite restaurants and wine retailers.

McNeese is a wine distributor, selling only to licensed restaurants and retailers. Please click here for a list of places you can enjoy wines we have placed. 

Photos on our site are graciously provided by our vintners.